Repression leaves 170 injured in the Argentine province of Jujuy | News

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The repression by the provincial government of Jujuy, in Argentina, during the protests on Tuesday resulted in more than 170 injuries, one seriously due to head trauma, and 68 detainees, denounced organized social movements.


Protest against changes to the constitution of Jujuy, Argentina

The demonstrators protested against the reform of the provincial Constitution, approved and sworn in by the local Legislature at the request of the right-wing governor Gerardo Morales.

The police advance against a new and massive march that brought together multiple sectors of society in the capital of Jujuy against the reform at the doors of the Legislature, while inside it the new local Magna Carta was approved and sworn in.

The infantry of the Jujuy Police clashed with the demonstrators, throwing rubber bullets and tear gas, responding to the throwing of stones, in a climate of tension in the streets of the Jujuy capital that was maintained until this afternoon by various arteries.

After the brutal police action this Tuesday, the unions that make up the Inter-union of Jujuy, summoned in front of the local Government House, asked Morales for "the immediate cessation of the repression" and demanded that he "act with citizen conscience of respect". .

Likewise, union, political and social organizations called for this Wednesday a mobilization in Buenos Aires in repudiation of the events that occurred in Jujuy and "before the intensification of repression" in that province, union sources reported.

The call is headed by the CTA of Workers; the Autonomous CTA; sectors of the CGT part of the Federal Workers' Current and the Trade Union Front for the National Model; the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP); the Classist and Combative Current (CCC); and leftist groups.

At the same time, the marches were replicated in other parts of Argentina: in Córdoba, the march called by the provincial multi-sectoral organization mobilized from the Casa de Jujuy to the Casa Radical, located on San Juan boulevard and Vélez Sársfield avenue, in the capital.

Meanwhile, the entire ruling party, headed by President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, repudiated the repression in Jujuy. The crosses between Morales —with the support of the entire Macrista opposition of Together for Change— and the national government, spread throughout the day.

Alberto Fernández also responded to Morales: "You are the only one responsible for having led our beloved province of Jujuy to this extreme situation trying to impose a constitutional reform that does not respect the National Constitution."

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