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The midfielder Jennifer Beautiful, world champion with Spain, she is happy and motivated to rejoin the discipline of Pachuca gophers, The Hidalgo club said this Thursday in a press release.

“We want to share that our soccer player and world champion, J.enni Hermoso, has returned to our country to rejoin the Club Pachuca (…) Jenni herself told us that she is very happy to return to activity with the Gophersmotivated by the recent championship obtained with the Spanish team,” said the Hidalgo team.

Beautiful, 33 years old, "for now "He will not have appearances before the media." to concentrate on resuming their activities and helping Pachuca win the title of the Apertura 2023 Tournament.

The Gophers They assured that the Madrid native will have her “institutional, emotional and personal” support so that it is ready for debut in the championship with his team, tenth place in the classification after nine days.

Beautiful lived one of his best sporting moments last August, being one of the figures who gave Spain its first women's world titleby beating England in the final of the Australia and New Zealand 2023 World Cup.

However, in celebration of the achievement, Luis Rubialesthen president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), He kissed her without her consent, something that unleashed a indignation in the world.

The case reached Spanish politics, with the vice president of the Iberian country, YHollanda Diaz, spearheading requests for resignation of Rubiales, who later was temporarily suspended from his position by FIFA.

After several difficult weeks, Hermoso formalized a complaint against Luis Rubiales before the lieutenant prosecutor of the National Court, Marta Durántez, in the State Attorney General's Office Spanish, just one day before arriving at the gopher discipline.

Pachuca recovers one of its two most important footballersthat the last tournament helped him qualify until the end of Clausura 2023, that the Gophers lost to the Eagles of America from the Spanish coach Angel Villacampa.

Between the regular phase and the final phase of the last competition, scored 21 goals, which made her the top scorer on her team along with Charlyn Corral.

The Spaniard will join a squad reinforced by the Costa Rican World Cup player Priscila Chinchillaand in which the Panamanian also stands out Martha CoxPanama's leader in Australia and New Zealand.

Yeah Juan Carlos Cacho, coach of the Tuzas, so he decides, Hermoso could debut the tournament this Sunday, When your team receives UNAM Cougars on the tenth day.

(With information from EFE)

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