Reports indicate that the Pumas would launch with everything for the signing of Rogelio Funes Mori

Rogelio Funes Mori would have a foot and a half away from Rayados de Monterrey and the cougars they would go with everything to get their token for the next tournament. This was announced by Diego Medina, a TUDN reporterwho in turn indicated that the university students would have already presented an economic proposal to the attacker born in Argentina.

Antonio Mohamed would play a very important role in the negotiation with the attacker who is very interested in having him on the feline team. It should be remembered that it was the Turk who brought Funes Mori to the MX League and for this reason it would be a personal request to reinforce the team up front and make them fight again for the positions they deserve.

However, before this rumor, it is said that Juan Ignacio Dinenno would be leaving the team in the next campaign at the request of Mohamed himself who is the precursor of bringing another center forward to the Pumas that guarantees the goals that the team has lacked.

For the first time in eight years, Monterrey would be seriously thinking about letting go of its historic scorer, which is why the Pumas do not want to miss the opportunity.

In addition to the Pumas, Cruz Azul and Tuca Ferretti are interested in acquiring the services of Funes Mori, which is why the Pumas would not have such an easy path to their file; However, from Mexico they assure that they will do everything possible and that they are seriously launching to incorporate the Mexican nationalized Argentine into the team.

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