Reports indicate that Luis Enrique is the favorite to lead PSG next season

Luis Enrique now appears as the main candidate for the PSG bench.

Photo: Shaun Boterill/Getty Images

After being associated with the Brazilian National Team and Chelsea, now Luis Enrique appears as a possible replacement for Christophe Galtier on the bench of the PSG, as published this Friday by Le Parisien.

The newspaper ensures that the former Barcelona coach meets all the requirements to have the confidence of the team that the Qatari owners want to assemble around Kylian Mbappé for the next season in which Messi and Neymar it is almost a fact that they will not be there.

The performance of Christophe Galtier has not convinced the board of directors of the French cast and for that reason they would already be getting to work and looking for a new traineer, for this reason the name of José Mourinho has already been considered but apparently, the Asturian Luis Enrique is the preferred one.

In recent weeks many names have emerged, but Le Parisien maintains that Luis Enrique is the chosen onealthough he assures that the Asturian coach's entourage has denied all contact, given the rumors in football, as is always expected.

The coach who in 2015 won the UEFA Champions League with FC Barcelona with a Messi in top form, accompanied by Neymar and Luis Suárez, could come to a dressing room with a Sergio Ramos with whom he did not have very good relations on the bench Spain.

Although there is nothing concrete, the Asturian would have to win even above important names that have already been contacted such as Marcelo Gallardo and José Mourinho.

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