Reporter tells what it was like to break the news of his cousin's death

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The reporter Jorge Jaramillo became a national trend after covering the news of the death of a man in MatamorosCoahuila, without knowing that it was one of his relatives. Now, in an interview for Laguna Multimedia, The communicator answered some questions that arose in the following days.

After going viral, thousands of questions arose on social networks towards Jorge Jaramillo, one of the most recurring questions was “Why didn't you recognize your cousin's house before you started broadcasting live?”

In an interview with Ángel Carrillo, from Telediario, Jorge said that that day he began to receive several reports of the man's death.but until that moment he did not know that it was his cousin.

Reporter finds out that his cousin was the one who died | Special

“Like any other everyday day of reporting, I wake up that day and they tell me: 'There is a person who was electrocuted'... I found out about the situation because the people of Matamoros usually send a WhatsApp to the page to report what is happening. . They talk to me like any day, a lady calls me very early and tells me: 'My neighbor here just killed himself,' that's what she said, cruelly," he began explaining.

Jorge narrates that from an early hour he began to receive reports on his page 'Informate Viesca', but he could not attend to them, because he had other commitments on the horizon: “I had already received about three messages on the page and on the WhatsApp phone number, I was not leaving it pass, but I had other things to do and couldn't get there. "I couldn't get to the moment when they were collecting the body."

However, after a while he decided to heed the call of his followers and He went to the scene to confirm that a man had died after stepping on high voltage cables while sweeping the roof of his house.

Why didn't you recognize your relatives' house?

Users began to question Jorge why he did not recognize the place he arrived at, since it was a relative, to which he responded that it was not actually someone he used to frequent.

“I don't recognize it (the house) because I didn't really know where my cousin lived, I really didn't know because it was on my dad's side. We were not close, because I grew up more with my mother's family. She was one of the family that looked at them: 'Hello and goodbye'; I know who they are, I know them,” she revealed.

In recent days Jorge Jaramillo has been interviewed by different international media, the reach of his page has also grown and thousands of people recognize his journalistic work.

Why did you broadcast live?

Jorge explained that he made the live broadcast to request help from his followers to obtain donations to pay for his family member's funeral expenses, sinceThey amounted to 8,500 thousand pesos and they are low-income.

This is what the reporter said who killed his cousin without knowing it


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