Report reveals that it is possible that the door of the classroom where the Uvalde gunman barricaded himself was not locked


The report adds to a growing list of alterations to the shooting timeline.

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One report revealed that Uvalde police did not check to see if the door to the two connecting classrooms where the school shooter barricaded himself with the children was open.reported a source linked to the investigation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety previously said the doors were locked from the inside. However, after viewing surveillance video, detectives believe the doors may not have been able to close from the inside due to a malfunction, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Even if the doors had been locked, the officers had access to a halligan bar, a prying tool that could have opened the door.revealed the source.

Footage of the shooting at Robb Elementary School seen by investigators showed the gunman entered the school through a hallway door that was left open due to the faulty door.

Salvador Ramos, 18, was chased by three police officers, shot into the classrooms, returned to the hallway and finally barricaded himself in the classrooms, the source reported. The young man also fired at the officers from inside the room.

Uvalde Consolidated School District Police Chief Pedro Arredondo along with 19 other officers spent more than an hour waiting in the hallway after the shooter entered the classrooms.

Arredondo told the Texas Tribune the response was delayed because he asked for tactical gear, a sniper and keys to gain entry, all while trying to back away from the doors to avoid gunfire.

Additionally, the source told Express-News that The police chief initially did not use the keys given to him by the janitor for the door leading to room 111 and instead tried to find a master key for the other nearby doors.

This report adds to a growing list of alterations to the timeline of the May 24 shooting.

Body camera footage from the day of the shooting showed officers knew there were children alive inside Rooms 111 and 112, but they did not immediately go inside to save them.

The Texas Department of Public Safety also said Arredondo, who has received the most scrutiny, called for treating the suspect as “a barricaded subject” and not an “active shooter.”

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