Report massacre in nightclub in the north of Quito Ecuador

Report massacre in nightclub in the north of Quito, Ecuador | News

Criminals entered a nightlife center in the industrial zone of the Carcelén sector, in the north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and killed at least five people and injured seven others, according to preliminary information.


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Until 11:00 a.m., the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police had not given official information about the event.

In the early hours of this Saturday, a group of subjects got out of two vehicles and entered the “Gente Bonita” nightlife center. In a video circulating on social networks, it is observed that the criminals run into the business and immediately open fire.

Users on social networks wrote messages stating that an armed group broke into the premises and opened fire on the people who were gathered in that center.

In videos broadcast they showed the presence of police inside a premises, medical personnel and at least four people on the floor of the establishment.

In addition, yellow cones and tapes had been placed to prevent access to the interior of the place, where plastic chairs were seen on the floor.

The National Police in a tweet mentioned that in view of information circulating in digital media, around which several people were injured inside a nightclub in Quito, its investigative units are deployed in order to verify the details of this case.