Renán Barrera registers as governor of Yucatán

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This Wednesday, Renán Barrera Concha registered as a candidate to compete for the governorship of Yucatán in 2024.

Accompanied by militants and sympathizers of the National Action Party (PAN), the current mayor of the city of Mérida indicated that his aspirations are the interest of continuing the safe transformation of Yucatán.

Barrera Concha went to the facilities of the State Steering Committee of the PAN and at the end of his application as a pre-candidate, he addressed a message to his followers and the blue and white militancy to call on them to "build our own transformation."

"A transformation with institutions and respect; a transformation with the best of everyone. Let's continue together as a team for Yucatán (...) I want to be a candidate for governor to continue the safe transformation of Yucatán with the help of everyone, "Only together we built the best Mérida and Yucatán in all of history. United we are invincible! United we will win!" he expressed.

The still mayor took the opportunity to thank citizens for their trust in him and offered to continue working for equality and social justice; He stressed that the only objective he pursues is for all municipalities in the state to continue growing and have the same opportunities.

“Our history unites us and strengthens us, in Yucatán we are the party of change, the National Action party is the true hope and it is the party of true transformation,” he said at the event.

Based on the internal calendar of the PAN in the state, on November 4, the State Council of National Action will meet in which the registration of the registered candidates will be approved.

For this reason, Barrera Concha announced that the next day, Sunday, November 5, he will request a license to lead full-time efforts to design the pre-campaign.

In this announcement, Renán Barrera delivered the documents required for his registration as a candidate for governor to the members of the State Commission of Electoral Processes, made up of Sergio Ángulo Uc, Kenny Gaspar Quijano Cabrera, Claudio Coello Herrera and Juana de la Cruz Jiménez Nah .

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