Remote operation, improves mobility and performance in private security

Remote operation, improves mobility and performance in private security
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Mobility is a challenge for private security workers, who make journeys of up to two hours to get to their work centers, using different means of transportation and exposing themselves to various risks, which affects the performance expected of a security service. security.

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In some cases, workers are in locations where they do not have access to healthy meals or spaces to relax, causing them to be limited during their workday to recover physically and mentally, which aggravates the problem, explained Jorge Uribe Maza, Commercial Director. of Grupo IPS, in an interview and prior to his participation in the Excélsior Movilidad 2023 Forum.

To overcome these challenges, he explained, remote operation is an innovative and beneficial solution, since, by establishing response centers close to the profiles that must operate, long journeys are reduced and allows workers to perform their tasks rested and concentrated.

Uribe Maza explained that instead of carrying out mechanical and repetitive activities, remote workers can focus on solving problems simultaneously, since technology, such as biometrics and telemetry, allows them to carry out more complex tasks.

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In addition, implementing this type of operation also benefits the environment by reducing unnecessary travel, he said.

The IPS Group manager reiterated that mobility in private security has many challenges for workers, which affect their performance and well-being; However, remote operation is an effective alternative to improve these conditions.



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