Regulations against forced disappearance approved in Chile | News


Chile approved a regulation that prohibits forced disappearance, which is part of a set of 13 laws accepted this Wednesday by the Constitutional Convention, the body in charge of drafting the country’s Magna Carta.


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Article 25 specifically decrees the prohibition of forced disappearance and highlights the duty of the State to guarantee the right to search for persons in the condition of disappeared.

This regulation almost received the unanimous vote of the plenary session as it obtained 146 votes in favor, no votes against and seven abstentions.

Among the other texts approved by the Convention is Article 3 on the principle of progressivity and non-regression of fundamental rights; article ten on outpatient personal freedom, this holds that no person can be arbitrarily deprived of their freedom or be restricted.

They also gave the green light to article 13 that signs the right to autonomy and self-determination, thus preventing slavery, forced labor and human trafficking, among other related issues.

Articles 16 and 17 were also approved, on sexual and reproductive rights and sexual education, respectively, laws that include the punishment of violent actions or rejection of people’s sexual freedom.

Article 23 on the right to life was also approved and will become a draft for the new constitution; article 24 on the right to personal integrity; article 26, on imprescriptibility and prohibition of amnesty; article 27, on duties of prevention, investigation and punishment; article 45 on the right of association; 46, on the role of cooperatives; and article 47 on the rights of Chileans abroad.

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