Reforms of the 4T to the Constitution guarantee the rights of the people: AMLO

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In the commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the 1917 Constitution, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that the reforms promoted by the Government guarantee the rights of the people, social justice and the defense of national sovereignty.

At the Teatro de la República, in Querétaro, he recalled that the current administration chose to carry out changes to the Magna Carta that ensure the fulfillment of rights in society, such as pensions for older adults and children with disabilities; scholarships for students and access to free health services and medicines.

The president described as an achievement that it has been established in a transitional article in the Constitution that no government can reduce the budgets allocated to these actions.

He highlighted the importance of the reform to article 28, which prohibits the forgiveness of taxes.

“It was an abuse, a great injustice that the vast majority of Mexicans, the poorest, were obliged to pay their taxes (…) but the large, business, and financial corporations did not pay, they were forgiven billions of pesos. This reform was an advance”, he stressed.

The head of the Executive emphasized the need to consolidate the electricity reform to strengthen energy sovereignty in the country.

He explained that the objective is to balance and protect the Federal Electricity Commission as a public company.

"In the previous energy reform, all the privileges were given to private companies to the extent that if we do not solve this, the Federal Electricity Commission disappears because even to dispatch the energy, foreign companies were preferred," he added.

Another reform that needs to be discussed, he said, is the electoral one to put an end to fraud and enforce democracy.

“That we have impartial judges and authorities so that the elections are clean, free, as requested by Francisco I. Madero, apostle of democracy. (…) We can agree with that”, he stressed.

The president reiterated that a reform focused on consolidating the National Guard as an institution that can serve for decades to protect the people is required. The proposal of the Executive is that it belongs to the Secretary of National Defense.

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