Red Devils tie the ticket to the Champions League, after beating the Blues | Video

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Manchester Utd achieved this Thursday its mathematical classification for the Champions League 2023/24, thanks to a 4-1 win over Chelsea F.C., postponed match of Date 32 of the Premier Leaguecelebrated on Old Trafford, where the bad news for the local team was the injury of their Brazilian striker Antony Matheus on the right ankle.

The Red Devils they came forward soon with an accurate header from casemiro in a lateral free kick, bounced by Christian Eriksen to the heart of the area. The 2-0 was the work of Anthony Martial in the addition of the first half, pushing at pleasure an assist from Jadon Sanchoand the 3-0 marked it Bruno Fernandes penalty in minute 73.

Marcus Rashford he scored the fourth for Manchester United, in the 78th minute, after taking advantage of a chain failure by the rival defense; in the second instance, he beat the Spanish goalkeeper from below Kepa Arrizabalaga. AND joao felix He made the goal of honor for Chelsea in the final stretch of the match, thanks to a nice counterattack.

Thus, ManU reached 72 points to be temporarily placed in the third position. From behind, they have Newcastle with 70 pointsso their places could still be swapped in the Date 38 and last day of the championship. While, Chelsea is still depressed with 43 pointss in the middle of the table.

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