Red Bull revealed what were the faults suffered by “Checo” Pérez’s car at the Bahrain GP

After the disappointment suffered by the Red Bull Formula 1 team at the Bahrain Grand Prix, in which the cars of its drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Perez were out of competitionthis Thursday they published what were the causes of the failures.

Red Bull’s adviser, Helmut Marko, assured that the breakdown suffered by the team’s cars it had to do with the fuel system, which was unable to absorb the last few liters of petrol remaining in the RB18’s tank.

“Simply put, there was a vacuum in the fuel supply system, which caused the engine to run out of fuel. I think this problem will not happen again this weekend in Saudi Arabia,” said Helmut.

Although initially the press speculated that the cars had run out of fuel, the Red Bull adviser denied that hypothesis by stating that the cars had enough gasoline to complete the circuit. However, given the failure, they had no choice but to withdraw them.

Without giving the exact figures, I can say that there was still enough fuel in both cars“, commented Helmut in an interview with F1 Insider. Despite the mishap, the adviser assured that he is left with the positive things that the race left behind.

Basically, we were fast enough in Bahrain. Simplywe could not take advantage of our potential at the decisive moment”, he concluded.

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