Rector of educational center in Colombia comes out unharmed after attack | News

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The rector of the San Carlos Educational Institution of El Tambo Cauca, Guillermo Andrés Mosquera, escaped unharmed from an attempted murder perpetrated by two men outside the school when the students entered the campus in the morning.


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The official through his official Twitter account denounced the attack and asked the Government of Colombia to give him guarantees to leave the area because his life is in danger.

"#SOS help please, they just made an attack on me at the door of the IE San Carlos school in El Tambo, an armed man shot me several times, I came out unharmed but I urgently need safe extraction from this place." Mosquera pointed out after the attack on his social networks.

After the attack against Mosquera, which occurred on the morning of this Friday, November 11, in the center of the urban capital of El Tambo, the regional teachers explained that there have been a series of violent acts against teachers in Cauca.

“It is a repetitive phenomenon in the region because since 2018, more than 200 teachers have been threatened, including several members of the Asoinca board of directors,” stressed Víctor Jiménez, human rights defender of this association of educators.

Members of the Police and the National Army provided him with protection, after what happened they evacuated the educator along with his security scheme assigned by the National Protection Unit (UNP).

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