Record snowfall forecast from New York to Virginia

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The snow will come earlier this year, and not at Christmas as many people long for, but with greater anticipation. In fact, the latest report from the AccuWeather organization issued this week indicates that the phenomenon known as “El Niño” will cause heavy snowfall from New York and New Jersey, passing through other states until covering the entire Washington metropolitan area that includes Maryland, DC and Virginia.

“Much higher snowfall amounts are predicted this year, with AccuWeather long-range forecasters predicting between 38 and 44 inches in Boston, between 18 and 26 inches in New York City and between 16 and 24 inches in Philadelphia,” he said. the AccuWeather report.

He even adds that the first rainfall could begin in November, in a few weeks, always due to the "El Niño" phenomenon.

“The window for northeastern snowstorms will open from late January into February, which could bring heavy snowfall to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and beyond,” the report says.

Meteorologist Paul Pastelok, in press statements, insisted that February will be one of the most complicated months in the 2023-2024 winter season.

Conversely, storms in the mid-Atlantic are expected to be less severe than last year, even as far north as Buffalo, New York.

The report highlights that the snow season could even occur in November.

“An early Easter in the northeast of the country cannot be ruled out either, as the ingredients for a snowstorm may come together sometime in November,” it is noted.

Possible storm

On the other hand, meteorologists predict a possible “major storm along the East Coast,” with the potential to affect parts of Maryland and Virginia.

If those forecasts prove correct, the storm will likely bring torrential rain and strong winds to Maryland.

The storm that will bring rain to the Washington metropolitan area has its origins as Super Typhoon Bolaven that impacted Japan, Accuweather meteorologists said.

The storm is expected to form along the Carolinas coast and begin moving northward later this week, AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said.

"The storm will strengthen significantly as it travels north Saturday night and Sunday," Rayno explained. "The storm is likely to become a powerful nor'easter and will produce an area of ​​heavy rain, strong winds and rising storm surges."

Other forecasters, this time with the Capital Weather Gang, said this weekend will begin with mostly cloudy skies and a chance for scattered showers Saturday morning as the cold front moves through. Temperatures Saturday night are expected to drop into the 40s.

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