Record deforestation recorded for April in the Brazilian Amazon | News


The National Institute for Space Research of Brazil (INPE) through the data offered by its alert system, indicated this Friday that in April of this year the Brazilian Amazon lost more than 1,000 square kilometers, which represents a record for that month. compared to previous years.


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According to the released graphs, the total forests destroyed until April 29, 2022 reached 1012.5 square kilometers, almost double what was lost in the same month last year (579.98 square kilometers).

The Climate Observatory (OC), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that fights against the climate crisis, maintained that this figure for the area lost in the Brazilian Amazon exceeds the historical record set in April 2021 by 74 percent, both data historical events were experienced during the Government of Jair Bolsonaro.

This NGO also highlighted the seriousness of the situation, since April is a rainy month in the Amazon, and in which the rate of logging normally drops.

Likewise, the entity noted that even in the Bolsonaro government it was difficult for monthly alerts to exceed 1,000 square kilometers of deforestation, even in times of drought.

The states with the highest rates of deforestation recorded in April were Amazonas with 346.89 square kilometers; For 241.92 kilometers; Mato Grosso 286.68 kilometers and Rondonia 107.86.

At a general level, the annual accumulated of the organization (from August 2021 to date) revealed that the extension of lost forests is located at 5,070 square kilometers, a figure that is the second highest, only surpassed by the 5,680 square kilometers deforested of 2020.

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