Recipe Vecchia Signora three goals against Guillermo Ochoa's Salernitana | Video

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Yeah Turin Juventus Do you have any kind of option to turn this around? fateful seasonhowever remote it may be, go through the version that the Serbian exhibited this Tuesday Dusan Vlahovic, a master class in what a forward has to be: two goals, an assist and a smile that inevitably makes the black and white fans believe.

Good news has finally arrived in Turin, at the moment it was most needed and with the confirmation that Vlahovic, who had not scored since last October 21, is back. They have not been easy months for the Serbian striker, who due to injuries could not be at his best in the past Qatar World Cup 2022 and that he lost ten official matches in a row with the Vecchia Signora.

In his progressive return he did not score. He was worried and, as a consequence, the Juventus fans. This Tuesday, Dusan removed that thorn from the goal, uncorked the bottle and gave a recital to thrash Salernitana, the squad where the Mexican goalkeeper plays Guillermo Ochoa, a direct rival in a key match for the position.

He converted the penalty that his teammate caused from eleven meters Miretti. Tight, touching the stick, but avoiding the stretch of Ochoa Magaña who guessed the trajectory, Vlahovic put the first at 16 minutes.

Juve was much superior throughout the game. Locatelli and Rabiot They became owners of the center of the field; Di María played free again through the field, doing and undoing at will, generating superiorities on the sides and doubts between the lines; and Vlahovic was simply a constant danger.

So much so that, after enjoying several chances, he even generated his compatriot's goal by chance kostic. The ball was left in the air Vlahovic, that even so he tried the shot on goal in an awkward position that caused his shot to go wide, something that he took advantage of Kostic to get ahead of the defense and put land in between on the edge of rest.

The top scorer of 'Juve' did not satisfy his hunger and in the 47th minute, on the first occasion as soon as he left the locker room, made the third thanks to the assistance of Fagioli, than taking advantage of a error in departure of the ball from the local team he left his partner in a hand in hand against Ochoa. Again showing that he has regained confidence, he defined without hesitation. He sentenced the match in three actions.

say mary was close to putting the fourth on the scoreboard, but the crossbar denied him what would have been a great goaland Kean did the same. but this time it was the stick that avoided the target, leaving all the prominence to Vlahovic, who left replaced with 10 minutes to go. Allegri, Seeing the game resolved, he took it off to avoid complications thinking about the next day's game against Fiorentina, precisely the former team of the Serbian, who has a certain grudge against him for having changed the purple color for black and white.

Juventus' dominance was absolute and incontestable. He controlled the game at all times, which confirmed the good feelings of the clash against lazio in the Cup and redeemed the group of Allegri of the defeat against Monza.

Juventus are in tenth place, three points from eighth place, but 12 away from European places. The good news is that Vlahovic smiles again.

(With information from EFE)

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