Reasons for your car horn to sound low

It may seem silly but it's not.. That your car horn sounds weak it represents a delicate security problem in case you must make use of it.

For example, to scare an animal away and not run over it, it is necessary for the horn to emit a loud sound. Not to mention in case it is a person or some problem vehicle for you and the rest of the drivers.

In short, the bugle is your only method of direct and effective communication with the outside, taking into consideration that the examples cited above require the greatest possible speed.

However, for various reasons the horn can stop working 100%, emitting a weaker sound than the characteristic, therefore, know what reasons lead to this problem.

Posible problems

Sometimes, the fuse located on the panel inside of the car or under the hood often burns. If so, the electricity does not go to the horn and therefore it will not work well, since this part works with electricity. The reasons that can lead to a blown fuse can be damaged wiring or a short circuit.

On the other hand, a bad relay may also be responsible. This switch is responsible for opening or closing circuits when activated with an electrical signal. The relay transfers current to the horn according to this signal, but if it does not work properly, the sound will be weak or even non-existent.

Now, if all this is well, but a clock spring shows broken you will have found the cause. This piece consists of a flat wire wrapped in a round box that goes inside the steering wheel.

When a button on the steering wheel or horn is pressed, the wires send a signal to the vehicle's control modules, but if the spring is broken this will not happen.

Last but not least, although the most obvious, It's the horn button. If it doesn't work properly, of course the sound won't be quite as good as it should be.

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