Real Madrid presents its new skin for the 2023/24 season

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He real Madrid presented this Wednesday New t-shirt that the different football and basketball teams will wear in the season 2023/2024a kit made with 100% recycled materials and a declaration of "unconditional love" that demonstrates the unity and commitment of the club as an institution, with its players and the fans.

The clothing keeps the White color characteristic of the Madrid club and includes details embroidered in navy bluewith classic messages of support for the team such as the famous "Go Madrid!".

It also has a round, yellow and navy blue knitted collar, completed with a navy blue stripe that runs vertically down its side. In turn, the garment is adorned with ocher details applied to the three bands and includes golden threads that refer to the football hegemony of the club.

In the presentation photo there are figures from the club of the Women's Real Madridfrom the section of basketballthe Youth Academy and La Liga Genuine.

players like Ivanathe captain of the women's team, as well as the forward naomi fellerwho share a plane with players from the basketball team such as Walter Tavares either Rudy Fernandez and athletes from the academy, closing the photograph with Vinicius next to david praises at the Real Madrid museum.

In addition, for the first time Real Madrid will form part of La Liga Genuine. A league made up of teams with players with intellectual disabilities. in the campaign, Javierone of the team's players is the center of the main image of the campaign.

Both the fan version of the jersey and the field version are made with 100% recycled materials. The one used by players is optimized with Heata technology that maximizes airflow so players feel cool on the pitch.

The clothing will be used for the first time in the US preseason tour and it can be purchased from Wednesday in the official Real Madrid stores, as well as in retail stores adidas selected and through the web.

(With information from EFE)

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