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Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Athletic Club, meeting corresponding to the Date 38, last of the Spanish League (LaLiga)held this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a bad day of goodbyes in the whites, the last of Karim Benzema known hours before, although they barely saved the second place, while the Basques did not reach the seventh.

The rain of release announcements on Saturday, from Marcos Asensio, Mariano and Eden Hazardthe main course was left for the same day of the match with the announcement of the departure of Benzema. The Ballon d'Or put an end to 14 seasons in white scoring his 354th goal, of criminal Yuri to Militao, in minute 72 for the definitive 1-1.

Courtois He was the only one who seemed to want to give it his all on the last day, the best of his and guilty that Athletic did not get the three points. However, to those of ernesto valverde It did not give them to play the Conference League, since Osasuna defended their place with a 2-1 against Girona. The whites, for their part, certified the runner-up thanks to Villarreal.

with eyes on Benzema, and in his last adventures on the Bernabéu pitch, it was noted that the need in the last clash of the season was borne by the visitors. those of Valverde, Very touched in their bad end to the season and with whistles from San Mamés last week, they came out strong in their pressing.

The Basques bothered a lot and up to the people of Madrid, vulnerable above all with rudiger on the left side. The locals lived like this far from the rival goal, but Athletic had to overcome their goalscoring jinx. The team with the least efficiency in the League in the last month found itself with a Courtois savior.

The Belgian goal extended the drought of the 'lions' stopping a penalty to Vesga, that the whites protested because it was in a hand from the back of Kroos, and another to Inaki. Madrid, with some Rodrygo, a race of Vinicius after the penalty and very little of a Benzema with butterflies in his stomach, he reacted before the break, and Rodrygo and Dani Carvajal they had the option of beating Unai Simon.

another stop Courtois It was the beginning of the second half, and everything seemed the same for the visitor's despair, but in a robbery of From Marcos to Ceballos, Sancet managed to open the can not without suspense (0-1). Madrid broke down completely and Courtois became a giant, especially in a one-on-one with Inaki Williams.

The bad news for those from Bilbao were the Osasuna goals, what did they do the triumph at the Bernabéu for the place in the Conference League is useless. Furthermore, those of ancelotti They found their moment in a prison that served a A sweeter farewell to Benzemawho scored and was replaced under the affection of his house for 14 years.

The news was not good for Madrid from La Cerámica either, with the Atlético provisional second. Asensio, seven season in Madrid, he also left the field to earn that ovation, and the Happy ending in Chamartín was fixed with Villarreal's 2-2 in the 93rd minute. Despite bringing up the holidays, Ancelotti's men saved the runner-up at the end of an era.

LaLiga Date 38
Real Madrid 1-1 Athletic Club
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Referee: Isidro Diaz de Mera
0-1 (49').- Sancet
1-1 (72').- Benzema (penalty)

real Madrid
(Chouameni, 58′)
(Asensio, 58′
(Lucas Vazquez, 92′)
(Modric, 74')
DT: Carlo Ancelotti

Athletic Club
unai simon
From Marcos
They lived
Ander Herrera
(Oier, 64')
(Winner, 67')
IñaKi Williams
(Munyain, 77′)
Nico Williams
(Berenguer, 64')
(Raul Garcia, 77')
DT: Ernesto Valverde

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