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Real Madrid drew 1-1 against Osasuna, meeting corresponding to Date 7 of the League of Spain, held this Sunday at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, result with which he cedes the lead to Barcelonaboth with 19 points, but better scoring difference for the Catalans.

With this draw, Real Madrid cut his perfect step with nine wins in a row between the domestic tournament and the Champions League, after a game in which Vinícius Junior put the locals ahead in the first part. At the restart after the break, Kike GarciHe equalized with a precise header. The whites are now second in the table, with the same points as barsa, while the Navarrese, who already added a point at the Bernabéu last season, are sixth with 13 points.

Osasuna He entered the game very directly and with the intention of not giving the ball away to Real Madrid, a little more stuck at the start. Tchouameni he starred in the first approach after five minutes, after a corner kick. The rojillos responded in minute 15 with a good destabilizing play Abde, who dribbled inside the area Rodrigo, but his shot went to the side of the net. Five minutes later, Nacho Vidal He did not fully finish off a promising ball, in another inaccurate approach by the rojillos.

The set of Ancelotti was not comfortable in the duel, turning most of the attacks on the left side with a Vinicius unsuccessful so far. The Osasuna kept on chopping and working, with a Abde protagonist. The Moroccan had the clearest in minute 33, when after a corner not completed by the whites, he finished off a little wide after a counter launched by Moi Gomez.

The white team woke up with a great opportunity to Karim Benzema, After a rapid transition led by Vinicius. The Brazilian was more dangerous with spaces and crossed with the outside inside the area for the Frenchman to connect a sensational volley on the run to the long post that left licking the post.

And that improvement, now with more possession, was confirmed in minute 42, when Vinicius He received on the left wing and scanned the horizon to put a touched ball in the center of the area that no one finished touching. The ball slipped into the goal thanks to its effect, with a blacksmith who did not react in time.

The break suited Osasuna well and after the break they equalized with a great goal from Kike Garcia. The rojillo striker connected a plastic header after a cross from the right to beat Lunin, that he could not do anything to prevent the ball from slipping through his right squad. Real Madrid conceded again, which is why they still haven't kept a clean sheet in the worst figure in the league since 2003.

They were the best minutes for the Navarrese, who were able to make it 1-2 just three minutes later, with a run of nacho vidal, that in the bottom line yielded to Kike Garcia, who finished something forced and RĂĽdiger deflected the shot, on a clear occasion. The intense notice moved the bench to Ancelotti, which gave entrance to Valverde and Camavinga.

With the tie, Osasuna took a step back and took cover to defend in a low block. The Whites had an approach on the boots of Benzema, who controlled a long shot well, but was offside.

With the match stuck for the whites, Camavinga leaked a ball over the defense that the Frenchman controlled inside the area, when he received a push preventing his shot. The action was not sanctioned in the first instance by Fernandez Square, who was notified to review the play in the VAR. So, the referee did see a penalty and expelled Unai GarcĂ­abut Benzema missed his shot in the 79th minute sending the ball to the crossbar, before a blacksmith that already stopped him two maximum penalties last year.

Minutes later the Frenchman scored taking advantage of a rebound in the area, but the play was invalidated for offside. Ancelotti brought out all the artillery, with Asensio and Mariano in the field, to look for the victory in the final minutes, but the dominance was not transformed into clear chances. Osasuna was still crouched and was able to sentence in 89 ', but the touched shot of Moi Gomez narrowly left.

Already in the discount, Benzema and Mariano They had two clear headers that went wide of the mark, in added time in which he did not give a sense of danger or put pressure on as he is accustomed to in the final moments. The match ended in a drawe, the first points that Real Madrid let slip this season.

(With information from Europe Press)

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