Rayo Vallecano causes 'toothache' for Real Madrid in LaLiga

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real Madrid left a goalless draw at home before his modest neighbor, the Vallecano Ray (9th), on the 12th day of the League, led now alone through the surprising Girona.

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Real Madrid is two points behind the Catalan team Meanwhile he Barcelona is third to fourafter defeating in extremis the Real society (7th) with a header goal from Ronald Araujo.

On this occasion Jude Bellinghamthe 20-year-old English prodigy who leads the whites at the start of the season -10 goals, top scorer in the championship-, He didn't save his team.burdened by pain in left shoulder after a fall at the beginning of the duel.

Bellinghamwhich in the prolegomena received the October best player trophyhad been the hero of the victory of his team in last week's Classic on the Barcelona field with a double that meant the final 2-1.

In it Santiago Bernabeu even in 22 times a Real Madrid shot ill-advised (four shots from Rayo), in which neither Vinicius nor Joseluclassmates from Bellingham In the attack, they found inspiration.

Neither does the Uruguayan Fede Valverdewhich stayed completely alone before Stole Dimitrievskibut whose goal was too small (6).

The white technician Carlo Ancelotti brought on Rodrygo and Toni Kroos, but he did not find a solution to save the victory.

What we lacked was the goal. We deserved to win today and we didn't, but it happens, we have also won other games that perhaps we didn't deserve to win. There is no need to make a drama," said the Italian coach.

"I'd rather beat Barça than Rayo, if we had to play, it would be today," he added.


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