Raúl Jiménez revealed the sex of his next baby (Video)

With a box located in the Lobos court, Raúl Jiménez and his family learned the sex of their new baby.

Photo: Nathan Stirk / Getty Images

This Wednesday the Wolves forward, the Mexican Raul Jimenez he found out at the Molineux stadium the sex of the next baby waiting with his wife, Daniela Basso.

The house of the wolves it was the place chosen to reveal the news so important to the player, who was accompanied by his partner, his daughter Arya and other relatives.

The news was revealed by means of a large box located in the middle of the Molineux court, and that it would be opened with the help of the Wolves’ pets.

“We are very excited because today we are going to make the reveal of our second baby“, Assured Raúl Jiménez before the important moment.

When the box was opened Multiple blue balloons came out and the stadium screen turned the same color. The moment was exciting for the couple who hugged when they saw that it was a child.

“It’s a boy. Congratulations Raúl and Daniela “, published as a legend the team on the Wolves screen.

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