Raúl Araiza undergoes a cosmetic procedure LIVE for his birthday; this was the result

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The driver celebrated his 59th birthday. (Photo: Instagram/@negroaraiza)
The driver celebrated his 59th birthday. (Photo: Instagram/@negroaraiza)

Raúl Araiza is celebrating! This Tuesday, November 14, he celebrated another year of life and decided to celebrate with his colleagues in the program Today. It was for that reason that the production of the morning Televisa prepared a special program to pamper one of his most beloved collaborators with his favorite things and they even had the special participation of his two daughters: Camila and Roberta.

It was during said broadcast of the program where The black Araiza underwent a cosmetic procedure against dark circles. To do this, the production invited the driver's primary doctor, as it is not the first time that she has resorted to this alternative to try to reduce the bags that she has on her face due to age.

On this occasion, Raúl Araiza sat on a bench, tilted his head back and closed his eyes while the specialist prepared a syringe with a vial of vitamins enriched with hyaluronic acid. Once prepared, the doctor introduced the substance around the driver's dark circles.

The driver was afraid of having a disfigured face the first time he underwent the treatment. (Capture Today Program)
The driver was afraid of having a disfigured face the first time he underwent the treatment. (Capture Today Program)

As the specialist introduced the substance into the skin, small balls began to form in the driver's dark circles, resulting in a rather strange appearance.

Contrary to what happened the first time, when the driver was scared by the formation of said 'pimples' on his face, this time he explained that they are small balls typical of the treatment and usually fade in a matter of hours. This was demonstrated during the same broadcast, because almost at the end of the program he appeared with smaller brands.

Although the television presenter made some complaints during the procedure, in the end he assured that it is not as painful as it seems and even invited Paul Stanley to follow in his footsteps.

(Twitter: @programa_hoy)
(Twitter: @programa_hoy)

After the scare he got the first time, the television host lost his fear and constantly visits his primary doctor's clinic to undergo the same treatment. Everything indicates that he feels uncomfortable with the size of the dark circles and bags that he has had on his face for some time and is looking for a way to reduce them without undergoing major surgery.

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