Rashel Díaz and Ximena Duque start a new project hand in hand

So much Rashel Diaz, who has been off the screen for almost two years Telemundolike the actress Ximena Duke, whose last baby left her in the mood to change a little have decided to undertake a project together. As they have let it be known through some stories and posts on social media, both famous have committed to a project that is leading them to unite in a very personal field.

Ximena Duke Y Rashel Diaz they were removed from television screens, but not from social networks. In them they have shown their different undertakings, especially in the field of sales. In addition, they have stood out as motivators in different areas. This has made their social networks grow and, instead of being forgotten by their old fans, on the contrary, now there are more who know and join these beautiful women to grow personally and professionally. Because, this pair of Latin women have decided to start a personal and physical project together.

People en Español magazine said it was Rashel Díaz, the one who convinced Ximena Duque to start high-impact training which, for the most part, are part of functional exercises. We already know that they have always been the favorites of Rashel Diaz. The same that have made the Cuban look simply spectacular at 48 years old.

If these women are already powerful separately, alone they will surely motivate many more to lead the healthy life that so much Rashel Diaz What Ximena Duke they live and that has made them women, without a doubt, much happier and more empowered. They are certainly a worthy example to follow.

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