Randy Arozarena's mother goes to her son's MLB game for the first time

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Randy Arozarena will never forget what happened this Tuesday, October 3, 2023, since, in addition to the Major League Baseball Postseason starting, the Mexican-Cuban was able to play for the first time before his mother's eyes in a Major League stadium.

The player of the Tampa Bay Rays received Sandra Gonzalezhis mother, at Tropicana Field to live an unforgettable moment.

Sandra González was finally able to receive her visa to travel to the United States and witness a live Arozarena game with the Tampa Bay Rays. Both starred in a very emotional and viral moment.

This Tuesday, the Rays played the first game of the Wild Card Series front it Texans Rangers at Tropicana Field, where the mother of the naturalized Mexican outfielder was in charge of throwing the first ball of the match to seal an unforgettable moment.

Sandra traveled from Mexico to Saint Petersburg to be present at the meeting. Let us remember that Randy joined the Mexican baseball team in 2020 when he was granted Mexican nationality, after requesting it from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexicosince the one born in Cuba showed his desire to represent our country in the World Baseball Classic.

Prior to this game, Arozarena spoke with reporter Tricia Whitaker, from the Rays' official channel, to tell her that her mother would be present at this game to throw the famous first pitch from the mound to home plate. They both practiced for a few minutes and then moved to the center of the field and there, Randy's mother showed that she has a good arm.

Unfortunately, the result of the meeting did not accompany this important moment for both, since The Rays fell 0-4 against the Texans Rangers. The next game will be this Wednesday, October 4 at 1:08 p.m. central Mexico time.


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