Rains leave 49 dead or missing in South Korea | News

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The number of people dead or missing from the recent downpours rose to 49 after four bodies were recovered from a flooded underground road in central South Korea, authorities said Monday.


Death toll rises to 37 from heavy rains in South Korea

The Osong Underground Road in the central city of Cheongju was flooded on Saturday when a nearby river overflowed its banks due to rising water levels from heavy rains. 15 vehicles, including a bus, were trapped underwater. The four bodies recovered brought the death toll to 13.

Nationwide, 39 people were reported dead from heavy rains, including 19 in the southeastern province of North Gyeongsang, according to the Central Disaster and Security Countermeasures Headquarters.

Nine people are still missing, including eight in North Gyeongsang province, while 34 people were injured.

The death toll could rise as rescuers continue the operation to drain and search the flooded underpass, where more than 10 vehicles are believed to be submerged.

Nationwide, 10,570 people evacuated their homes due to rain damage.

The pluvial precipitations also damaged 628 public facilities and other 317 private properties, including 146 roads and 139 flooded houses.

Additionally, a total of 28,607 homes across the country lost power as a result of the downpours, with power back on in most of those homes as of Monday.

According to the Central Disaster and Security Countermeasures Headquarters, more than 500 millimeters of rain have hit the central and lower regions since July 9.

In Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, 626mm fell, 614mm in nearby Cheongyang County, 580mm in central Sejong City and 522mm in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang Province.

Heavy rain warnings were in effect for Chungcheong provinces, southern regions and Jeju Island from Monday morning.

The meteorological agency stated that Jeolla provinces and nearby areas may experience more rainfall of up to 40mm per hour.

Up to 200mm of rain has been forecast for Chungcheong and southern regions, and between 10mm and 100mm for the rest of the country.

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