Rafael Correa partying in Garibaldi

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By. Ruben Cortes

His project crushed in yesterday's elections in Ecuador, Rafael Correa It contributes theoretical density to Mexican Castro-Chavism; while Cuba rules evil; Venezuela, irrationality; Nicaragua, hooliganism; Bolivia, stupidity; Argentina, arrogance.

The 4T provides Belt and allows him to live here, although he is officially exiled in Belgium. In return, the former Ecuadorian president had been discreet. But, suddenly he took up the party, and took up public life as a cabaret in Garibaldi.

Correa is one of those who tells those of the 4T that the future is a “world of blocks”, that, being in the Russian bloc and the Havana-Caracas Axis, they will have progress; and that the middle class is antagonistic to the poor, because it loves the “New York” lifestyle.

At 60 years old, it is understood that Rafael Correa entered into what Freud called “the last milestone of man”, the one in which the biological clock of many is shocked by the brevity of life, and they begin to enjoy with pleasure whatever comes… especially in Garibaldi.

However, the nightlife of Rafael Correa coincides with the summons that he received this week from the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office: a witness who gave his version under oath, accused him of the murder of the former presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.

The witness revealed who gave the order to commit the murder, the preparations and amounts offered by the masterminds. After the witness' version, seven inmates accused of the attack were murdered in prison.

And Villavicencio was the main political adversary of Rafael Correa. Rafael Correa He hated him to death, and, being a caudillo president, with the personal monopoly of all the institutions of Ecuador, he brought the judicial power down on him.

From 2007 to 2017, Correa had the Court vote in his favor in 17 cases: against the newspaper El Universo; against journalists, such as Juan Carlos Calderón and Christian Zurita; and against opponents like himself Fernando Villavicencio and Clever Jimenez.

Before they killed him, Villavicencio showed that

Correa's government transferred 21 oil fields to foreign companies, which took 70 percent of the crude oil, while only 30 percent entered Ecuador's fiscal coffers.

Exactly why Correa had to go into exile in Belgium: he is accused of participating in a corruption scheme through the payment of bribes for public contracts, during his long presidency.

So he gambled and lost his luck yesterday Sunday, when the right-winger won the presidency Daniel Noboaby defeating the Castrochavista Luisa González, together with who Belt He had publicly promised to return for big revenge.

Meanwhile, sing and dance in Garibaldi.

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