Rafael Araneda: He suffered a spectacular accident and ended up unconscious in the hospital

Rafael Araneda.

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Rafael Araneda suffered a spectacular accident and ended up unconscious in the hospital…Chen the presenter of 'Falling in love USA' went for a ride on his bike last Sunday, he never imagined that everything would end in a nightmare where his great hero would be his helmet.

We all became alarmed when on Monday night, With a worried face, Ana Patricia Gámez, began the UniMás night show by telling that her partner had suffered an accidentand that, although he was out of danger, it would take him a few days to recover and return to 'Falling in love USA'.

What happened to him? He was near his home in Miami, riding his bike, when a driver left a mall without taking sufficient precautionary measures, did not see him and ran over himAraneda was thrown off his bike and lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital, where they carried out all kinds of studies to find out his condition. and at night they already gave him permission to return home with his family.

Us We contacted Rafael Araneda, who exclusively gave us more details about one of the worst moments not only for him, but also for his wife Marcelawho when she was notified and approached the scene of the accident, almost fainted when she saw the state of the bicycle.

“I'm beaten… But overall I was very lucky. Like everything in life, it could have been much worse."began by writing to us, via text message, where he also clarified that although He has a lot of bumps and bruises, no bones were broken..

"I was unconscious, and the impact left me pretty bruised, but alive!"he continued telling us, and with the humor that characterizes him, he did not miss the opportunity to joke even with himself, saying: “Here I am… The weed never dies”.

The last thing Rafa remembers is seeing the car coming over him and not stopping... "I never knew anything else until I was on top of an ambulance all sore", tells us. It is that with the impact, as we told you above, and based on the testimony of a witness with whom his wife Marcela was able to speak, Araneda was blown away by the impact, and hit the asphalt.

That is why we say that The great hero of this story was his helmet, and, obviously, the sense of prevention of the Chilean presenter that he never forgets it when he gets on a bicycle.

What happened to the driver who hit you? As confirmed by Araneda, and Despite the fact that he lost consciousness, the person never left the place, he accompanied Rafa's wife in all the police procedures and he even contacted the presenter of 'Falling in love USA' to put himself in order.

What's next for Rafa after the accident? rest, careAs we told you above, he has no breaks, nor anything compromised, just a lot of pain that does not allow him to walk well today, bruises and blows, for which we will have to wait a few days before seeing him again next to Anita in the hit show of UniMás.



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