Rafa Márquez would return to the Mexican National Team

Rafael Márquez is the current coach of Barcelona B.

Photo: ULISES RUIZ / Getty Images

The Mexican team does not escape uncertainty more than a month after the dismissal of Gerardo Martino from the El Tri bench. There is nothing concrete about the new coach of the Aztec team, but the bases begin to take shape. Given the refusal of Jaime Lozano, Rafa Márquez would have a great opportunity on the Mexican bench.

In the last hours it would have transcended the refusal of "Jimmy" Lozano to have a position within El Tri. The directive of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF), had intentions that the young strategist would assume the position of technical assistant and will command the sub-23 squad. But Lozano stepped aside and the leaders would already have his replacement.

According to information from Mediatiempo, Rafa Márquez would have already been interviewed by Rodrigo Ares de Parga and Jaime Ordialesexecutive director and sports director of the Mexican National Team, respectively. The leaders would have had positive impressions of his talk with the former player.

Márquez currently directs the Barcelona Bin Spanish football. Despite this important position, the Mexican seems to be more interested in the possibility of lead an under-23 squad from Mexico taking into account that in the future he will participate in various international tournaments.

Important tournaments for Mexico

Although he will not participate in the 2024 Olympics, The El Tri juniors will have the opportunity to play in the Maurice Revello Tournament and also in the Central American Games in San Salvador and the Pan American Games in Chile. Under these circumstances, the federation's board of directors hopes to have Rafa Márquez on the bench to face these youth category tournaments with a view to the generational replacement of the Mexican National Team.

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