Racist who insulted Heung-Min Son is suspended for three years | Video

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Robert Garland, 44 years old, fan of crystal palace, made a discriminatory gesture and uttered racist insults against the Korean striker Heung-Min Son, of the Tottenham Hotspur andnot nowor will be able to enter any stadium during the next three years, according to a statement from the London club issued this Wednesday.

“The club can confirm that a visiting fan found guilty of making a discriminatory gesture towards Heung-Min Son during our home Premier League match against Crystal Palace in May received a three-year suspension order after an appeal against the original sentence,” reported the Tottenham it's a statement.

garland He was initially sentenced in August to 60 hours of community work already pay one fine of 1,590 euros after pleading guilty to a racially aggravated public order offense for shouting and make gestures to south korean in a Premier League match played in May at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

However, the club showed its “concern” at the “leniency” of the initial punishment and thus transferred it to the Metropolitan Police and the UK Football Policing Unit.

Soclub and Police requested an appeal against the sentence, which caused the tcourt issued a suspension order against the fan of all activities related to football for three years.

“We thank the Police for their cooperation in this matter. We would like to reiterate that the club does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. and will always seek to take the strongest possible measures against those responsible,” Tottenham's statement concluded.

(With information from Europa Press)

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