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As one of the most successful producersDisney, turned 100 years old last October 16, 2023 since its creation, since it all started with Walter Elias Disney who He founded his company in 1923 in Los Angeles California, USA. Although animated films They are world-renownedhave stolen the hearts of children and adults with their iconic and colorful charming characters that do not go unnoticed.

And so shortly after the announcement of a version live-action from the classic story 'Snow White' and the Seven Dwarves, a story that became the first Disney film in 1937, fans couldn't wait to see the actress and singer with Colombian descent, Rachel Zegler as protagonist and now We were able to get a taste of what it looks like when personified as the first original disney princess.

Starring Rachel Zegler, the live-action project titled 'Disney's Snow White constitutes one of the great challenges for the study and On October 27, the actress's look was revealed andAmerican with the characteristic dress of his character.

Disney announced a modification to the premiere schedule of the feature film. This was expected to come out on March 22, 2024 and now It will be postponed for one year until March 21, 2025. This delay It is due to the actors' strike in Hollywooda protest measure that has extended for more than 100 dayswhere the stoppage of activities responds to the request of the labor union SAG-AFTRA to improve working conditionsincluding protecting your image against unauthorized use of artificial intelligence.

How it looks Rachel Zegler from 'Snow White'?

VLet's go to the princess, now played by Rachel Zeglerin the cabin with the seven dwarfs. Contrary to what Internet users said, the company decided to resort to computer-generated images (CGI) for design the friendly dwarfs that accompany the princesswho wears the classic blue and yellow dress. With this we can see that the characters will maintain a design similar to that of the original film, in addition to the fact that the cabin is almost identical.

Look at the photo:

Who will be part of Snow White in Disney's live-action?

However, Disney fans have high expectations for this new version and it is worth mentioning that the Responsibility not only falls on the team, but also on production along with the cast, and whoever will be next to Zegler will be Gal Gadot who will play the evil Queen.

As for the direction of the film, it is in charge of Marc Webb, director of 'The amazing Spiderman'; and the music will be provided by the talented duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paulknown for their work in 'The Greatest Showmanwho They will create original songs for the live-action.

What does it say Rachel Zegler on Snow White?

Rachel Zegler shared his vision of the character, noting that in a September interview with Varietyan American weekly dedicated to cinema and popular culture that pprior to the release of the movie you can enjoy this project and hope that itnext year'live-action take us back to the magical world of disney classics.


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