Qatar 2022 Veta FIFA Belgium jersey representing diversity

Qatar 2022: Veta FIFA Belgium jersey representing diversity

FIFA rejected the alternative jersey of the Belgium national team to include the word ‘Sees it’ on the neck, combined with a trim with the Rainbow colorsdeclared a spokesman for the ‘Red Devils’ on Monday.

The design, inspired by the fireworks of the famous Belgian music festival Tomorrowland, stands for diversity, equality and inclusion.

Stefan Van Lockspokesman for Belgium, stated.

The Belgian national team will play in their main red jersey for the first three games.

While, FIFA He stated that if the word ‘Love’ is removed from the inside of the jersey, the team will be able to wear it.

The alternate jerseys have a new design and were introduced in September. Since then, Belgium has played with them in several matches in the UEFA Nations Leagues.

The rejection occurs after FIFA will threaten to draw yellow cards to any player wearing the multicolor armband ‘OneLove’introduced to support diversity and inclusion.

The Belgian Football Federation commented on Monday that its captain, Eden Hazard, will not play with the rainbow bracelet.

(With information from Reuters)