Qatar 2022: These are the most interesting and attractive shirts of the World Cup

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Just eight days before the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, All 32 participating teams have already announced their uniforms for the World Cup.

Next, a compilation of the most interesting and attractive shirts of the Qatari World Cup.

The second kit of the Mexican team is inspired by the abundant graphic elements of the pre-Hispanic collective memory of Mexico, with the red and bone color seek to rescue national cultural icons. A kit that swept the social networks the day of its presentation.

The 'jerseys' of Denmark they do not stay in the aesthetic, danish company, hummellaunched three uniforms with a strong meaning for the World Cup and stated: 'This shirt carries with it a message. We do not want to be visible during a tournament that has cost the lives of thousands of people. We support the Danish team at all times, but that is not the same as supporting Qatar as the host nation.'

Brazil's jersey for Qatar 2022 'rpays tribute to the courage and culture of a people that never gives up' and is 'inspired by the strength and beauty of the jaguar'.

The second kit of Belgiumwhite, pays homage to the electronic music festival with bright colors on its shield tomorrowlanda country classic.

the shirt of Iran for the World Cup commemorates the asian cheetahan animal that is in danger of extinction and that can practically only be found on Iranian soil.

The first kit you will wear Japan in Qatar has a design formed by white and light blue details that represents the traditional japanese art of origami.

The second jersey South Korea for the World Cup, inspired by the symbol 'Taegeuk' of its national flag, it is one of the most attractive of all kits.

One of the most unexpected cases of the Qatari date is that of Canadathe North American team and the sports brand Nike did not plan a new kit for Qatar 2022 because the directors of the Canadian National Team did not think that their team would qualify for the World Cup.

Are the only set of the 32 qualified that they will not use a new design on their uniforms.

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