Qatar 2022: Infantino dismisses Western criticism of the World Cup as ‘hypocritical’ | Video

The FIFA President Gianni Infantinoaccused this Saturday the Occidental countries to do an exercise “hypocrisy” for criticizing the Human Rights situation in Qatar for the celebration of Soccer World Cup 2022regardless of its own historical past.

At a press conference retrieved by BBCthe rector of international soccer declared the next:

For the things that Europeans have done to the world over the last 3,000 years they should be apologizing for another 3,000 before they start giving people moral lessons.

infantinoI don’t hesitate to attack the Western companies that have benefited from the Arab country and they have not discussed any of these problems prior to the controversies of international competition.

How many business companies, European or foreign, making millions, billions thanks to Qatar, have discussed the situation of the rights of migrant workers with the authorities? None, because changing the legislation implies fewer benefits.

The president opened the press conference with a nearly hour-long monologue in which defended the holding of the tournament in a country criticized for the repression against activists and the LGBTQ community and the mistreatment of foreign workers.

I have very powerful feelings today. Today I feel Qatari, I feel Arab, I feel African, I feel gay, I feel disabled, I feel like a migrant worker. Of course I am not Qatari, Arab, African, gay, disabled or migrant worker. But I feel like them because I know what it means to be discriminated against and harassed as a foreigner in a foreign country.

For Infantino, “this one-sided moral lesson is just hypocrisy”before asking the attendees “why no one recognizes the progress achieved” in the country.

I don’t have to defend Qatar, they can defend themselves. I defend soccer. Qatar has progressed.

In response to controversial statements by the FIFA president, International Amnesty condemned the statements and recalled the huge number of fatalitiesdenounced in February of last year in an investigation of Guardianbetween the migrant workers who have built the stadiums against the clock where the matches will be held. At the moment, the authorities of Qatar they have recognized only 37 deaths, only three “labor”.

By brushing aside legitimate criticism of the human rights situation, Gianni Infantino is dismissing the enormous price paid by migrant workers to make his flagship tournament possible, as well as FIFA’s responsibility for it.

The NGOhas already recommended FIFA that “if there is a ray of hope”, a ray of hope must be created. compensation fund from the money the organization collects during the World Cupto begin on Sunday November 20 with the confrontation between Qatar and Ecuador.

Demands for equality, dignity and compensation cannot be treated as some kind of culture war: they are universal Human Rights that FIFA has pledged to respect in its own statutes. […] This cannot be a mere showcase. If FIFA wants to salvage anything from this tournament, it must announce that it will invest a significant portion of the $6 billion the organization will earn from this tournament and ensure that this fund is used to directly compensate workers and their families.

(With information from Europe Press)