Qatar 2022: In the stands of the 974 Stadium Mexico won and by a landslide | photogallery

in the stands of 974 Stadium in Doha there was a clear winner. The Mexican fans again stated that it is one of the best in the world and turned with all his creativity, color and joy to support the Tricolor in a key match against Poland, first of Group C, whose result was a Solomonic goalless draw.

The Tricolor received great support from the stands of the 974 Stadium.

The Mexican fans overwhelmed their Polish counterpart in terms of the color and diversity of their attire, without missing the endearing characters of the national culture.

There was no shortage of those who evoked our glorious pre-Hispanic past.

The masked ones were not lacking, neither the Eagle Knights and other characters, some more, others less likeable.

Mystery King supported the Tricolor with everything.

And there was even presidential representation in the Qatari property.

“AMLO”, a well-known baseball lover, put aside his mitt and bat to put on his soccer shoes.

Here more aspects of the victory by landslide for the Mexican fans in the stands.