Qatar 2022: how much money is the World Cup expected to generate?

The wait is finally over and the soccer World Cup in Qatar has begun. Although the tournament has given much to talk about the behavior of the host country in terms of human rights, it is expected to generate juicy revenue for FIFA organizers.

Specialized sources by Bloomberg suggest that the tournament could reach $6.4 billion in revenue. This would be equivalent to 19% more than what the edition held in Russia produced in 2018, with $5.4 billion dollars.

If this goal is reached, it would be the highest registered record in the history of the World Cups, far exceeding Brazil 2014 revenues ($4.8 billion USD)South Africa 2010 ($4.2 billion), Germany 2006 ($2.6 billion, and Korea-Japan ($1.6 billion).

Until now ticket sales for all matches reach three million. In addition, some 240,000 hospitality packages for exclusive seats have been sold. FIFA also pre-sold broadcast rights and marketing sales for its 2019-2022 cycle will exceed $1.8 billion. This, without counting the support of sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Adidas and McDonald's.

For the World Cup in Qatar an audience that could reach 5,000 million viewers is expected, surpassing the 3,572 million followers of the World Cup in Russiasaid the medium.

The revenue projection comes amid the growing popularity of soccer globally. At the same time, there is concern that some fans may boycott the event, due to Qatar's treatment of migrant workers who helped build the stadiums and infrastructure needed for the event.

The Qatari government has denied the accusations and argues that improvements in labor laws have been implemented. He has also argued for the construction of housing for certain employees and has promised greater security guarantees.

Secondly, the Arab country has sparked criticism around the world due to its position on homosexuality, which is illegal in the region. Soccer teams like the United States have come out against it and have adorned their flagship crest in the colors of the LGBTQ+ rainbow.

Meanwhile, fans going to the World Cup have had to do the math for plane tickets, lodging and game tickets. In the event that they do not have tickets, they will have to abide by the high prices offered by some resale sites.

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