Pyongyang “is ready” to carry out nuclear test at any time, warns Seoul


The South Korean government said on Tuesday that North Korea ‘ready’ to carry out nuclear test in case the leader of the Asian country, Kim Jong Un, gives the order, in the framework of the tensions in the area during the last weeks.

“North Korea is prepared to carry out a nuclear test at any time in case Kim decides“, indicated sources of the South Korean Unification Ministry quoted by the news agency Yonhap.

Thus, he highlighted that Seoul and Washington are discussing possible response measures in case Pyongyang takes this step, including through the United Nations Security Council, without giving more details about it.

hours before, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinkenhad indicated that it is working with Japan and South Korea to address “the threat posed by North Korea”at a press conference in Washington with his South Korean counterpart, Park Jin.

Photo: Reuters

Blinken stressed that the United States “wants to make sure that it has all the necessary defensive capabilities to deal with any possible provocation or aggression from North Korea“, before adding that “the United States has long made clear the willingness to engage diplomatically and through dialogue with North Korea towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

For his part, Park stated that “North Korea has completed preparations for another nuclear test and believes that only a political decision needs to be made”.

“If North Korea ventures into another nuclear test, I think will only strengthen our deterrence and also international sanctions”, settled.

The defense ministers of Japan, the United States and South Korea announced on Saturday an agreement to resume joint military exercises in “search and track ballistic missiles” in order to serve as a deterrent against North Korea and expressed concern about the development of weapons of mass destruction and missiles, which “pose a serious threat to international peace and stability.”

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