PVEM sinks Adrián further 2023/11/21

They see a light in the batcave 2023/11/08
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In his intention to tie up Adrian Rubalcava As his new signing, the PVEM added fuel to the fire, revealing that the mayor of Cuajimalpa has been planning his move to Q4 for at least six months.

In other words, his resignation from the PRI was not “out of dignity,” after its national leader —Alejandro Alito Moreno- it catafixia with the PAN for a handful of spaces, but because it was the Troy Horse of Claudia Sheinbaum inside the alliance and was discovered.

If there were still doubts, yesterday the Green Party cleared them up by stating, in a voice of Arturo Escobar —small finger of the franchise owner—, who had been negotiating with Rubalcava its passage to the 4T.

That it was the mayor himself who asked to hold on a little before making the leap and it seems that Escobar He tells the truth, because they will meet with him today to close your signing.

The greens even dreamed of two leading men as candidates: one was Omar Hamid García Harfuch to head of Government and, the other, Rubalcava for the Senate. Campaigning together, so that women they would go crazy For the handsome brunette or the pretty blonde, they were close.

Today they will negotiate with the blond the conditions of his passage to the toucana party that has declared itself a fan of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and of Claudia Sheinbaumand more recently Clara Brugada.

The greens are doing a disservice to Adrianbecause they agree with those who deactivated him because it is proven that he played for the enemy, seeking to dynamite the alliance Going to CDMX from inside.

In his strategy he included the mayors Sandra Cuevasfrom Cuauhtémoc, and Gerardo Quijano, by Magdalena Contreras, who were also exposed; They will have to give explanations.

The toucans are the big winners, because they get a politician with a territorial presence and, in one of those, they even keep their mayor's office, because at Adrian Time ran out for him to process his relief.

It even seems that Escobar purposely exposed Rubalcava to weaken him before negotiating with him. Even Sandra —his mayor in love—puts another nail to his cross, as he said that he will begin to publicize files on several opponents. Blackmail… extortion… or what?

Little too caves Did you have access to Prosecutor's Office files? Or did you share them his loveas he calls Adrian? Like what Ernestina Godoy I would have to clarify how two opposition mayors claim to have confidential judicial files.

Apparently his stomach doesn't let him think properly. Rubalcavabecause yesterday he warned that the PRI deputies who sympathize with him will vote for the ratification of Ernestina as a prosecutor, “for treason”; That is to say, they would not do it because they were convinced... but rather because they were burning.

Do you seriously intend to use the citizen vote for your vendettas personal? Because he wouldn't take it out on Alito, but with the citizens. People might think that he is just a vulgar ambitious, because it is one thing to have leadership and quite another to feel the master of will.

To whom they returned ignore that Jesus Zambrano, who screams because the PAN and the PRI did not beat the PRD in the distribution of candidates and threatens to leave the Front. He complained that the alliance favored the quantitative method, rather than the qualitative one. Luckily he recognizes that his party hardly produces votes anymore and that he is only looking for some spaces for his friends. TO Zambrano You shouldn't be worried that the PRD goes alone, since surely characters like Chazaro-Chilango They guarantee him triumphs with their wealth of votes.

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