PVEM highlights the importance of transparency in tourist packages

Important to train officials in animal management: PVEM
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The Green Partye Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) highlighted the importance of the population having sufficient information when contracting a tourist package or all-inclusive system, for the benefit of consumers, so that They can make informed decisions in this regard and not risk their money.

Given the approach of the December holidays, the PVEM reported that this same year the Lower House approved the reform to article 43 of the Federal Consumer Protection Lawwhich establishes new and better transparency mechanisms, for the benefit of anyone looking to purchase an all-inclusive travel package.

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“The new transparency mechanism in the law, for example, requires providers of all-inclusive tourist packages to report their rates and separate accommodation from other included services and, where applicable, the amount of contributions applicable to each one of these, as well as the respective calculation", said the deputy, Nayeli Fernandez.

The law requires providers to report in a timely manner to consumers about each of the services and components, so that they can clearly differentiate the concepts that comprise an all-inclusive package.

“Which will allow each person to make a comparison with other offers and make an informed decision, thus contributing to protecting the rights and culture of the consumer and ensuring their legal security and the relationship with suppliers”indicated the PVEM.

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Fernández reminded the population of the importance of take due precautions when hiring a tourist package: be wary of promotions and tourist packages at low prices; verify the reputation and formal registration of the agency that provides the service and avoid making bank transfers as an advance payment.

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