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ANDIn the first days of November 1923, friction continued between the Callista and Delahuertista groups on different political fronts. Between shootings and parliamentary clashes, uncertainty reigned in each session of Congress.

There were reports that the presidential candidates, Calles and De la Huerta, would hold a joint press conference to try to appease the violence unleashed up to that point by their supporters around the electoral contest.

There is no prospective interview between General Calles and me, and I authorize Excelsior to rectify those rumors,” said De la Huerta, exclusively for this newspaper.

For his part, Calles referred to the issue, "This seems to me to be a crude farce that attempts to disorient public opinion, since the honest thing would be for Mr. De la Huerta to declare, as is the truth, that I have not requested no interview with him.”


The tension intensified when the Delahuertista bloc of the National Cooperatist Party (PNC) in the Chamber of Deputies, reported having discovered a conspiracy by members of the Federal Army to assassinate the members of the group of legislators, mainly its leader, Jorge Prieto. Laurens.

It was through a letter addressed to Obregón that the alleged plan was made known.

The head of the garrison of the capital's plaza, General Arnulfo R. Gómez, was the main person identified by the cooperatists as the intellectual author of the plot to attack the deputies.

The complaint said that R. Gómez had ordered a group of 200 gunmen, army officers, to dress in civilian clothes and go to the plenary gallery, who, shouting "Long live Calles!", would open fire against the Adolphist bench of the aforementioned party.

The general was consulted by Excelsior, and exclusively denied his participation in any type of attack against any PNC deputy. He described the accusations against him as a “criminal maneuver” to attract public attention.


Faced with the bickering, President Obregón came out to restore order by asking that the elections be carried out in order and without violence. To dispel the idea of ​​a dissolution of Congress by gunfire, he offered to send troops to the legislative precincts in order to provide guarantees for the legislative power.

After having stayed out of the discussion, Obregón broke the silence by coming out in defense of the Mexican army with an accurate blow on the table; Through a letter published by the press, he strongly requested that the name of the military institution be avoided.

The words of the President of the Republic were echoed outside of Mexico. In Excelsior part of an editorial published by the New York Timeson the matter, "the government of General Obregón is stronger than all the oppositions and does not hesitate to use its force to maintain order."

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