Putin claims that Kazakhstan was the target of international terrorism | News


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Kazakhstan was a victim of international terrorism and added that the violent actions provoked a quick reaction from his government.


Kazakhstan reports that the situation has stabilized in the country

Vladimir Putin, stated during a virtual meeting of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) pointed out that the demonstrations in Kazakhstan were not due to the rise in fuel prices, but to the fact that internal destructive forces and Outsiders took advantage of the situation.

“His attack on Kazakhstan was essentially an act of aggression. […] It was necessary to react to all this without delay, “said the Russian head of state.

Putin stressed that the situation in the Central Asian country is gradually returning to normal.

For his part, the president of Kazakhstan, Kassym Jomart Tokayév, assured that the violent protests that shook the country were an attempted coup by armed combatants and affirmed that his forces would never shoot at peaceful protesters.

“Groups of armed combatants who were waiting for their moment went into action. Their main objective appeared clearly (…) It was an attempted coup,” Tokayév said during a videoconference with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and other heads of Allied state.

Tokayév indicated that the military mission led by Moscow in the country will end “soon” to help the Kazakh government to put a stop to the unrest that caused 164 deaths and around 2,000 wounded, according to the authorities.

The Kazakh government reported on January 10 that around 8,000 people were detained throughout the week of unrest.

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