Putin and Erdogan discuss military operation in Ukraine | News


Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his Turkish colleague, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he assured that Moscow would suspend the military operation in Ukraine only if Kiev ceases hostilities and complies with the demands.


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In the telephone exchange, Putin criticized the Ukrainian side that has delayed direct negotiations to regroup its forces, according to the Kremlin press service.

The Russian president stressed that Russia is ready to dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities and foreign partners in order to resolve the conflict.

“Vladimir Putin briefed (his Turkish counterpart) on the course of the special military operation to defend Donbas, outlined the fundamental approaches and assessments in this context, further explained in detail the main objectives and set tasks,” the report said.

In the conversation, Putin noted that “the Russian armed forces are doing everything possible to save lives and ensure the safety of civilians, moreover they only inflict precise attacks exclusively on military infrastructure.”

In this context, the Russian head of state assured that the Ukrainian nationalists continue with the intensive bombing of Donbas and the use of Ukrainian cities and towns as a “human shield” of civilians, including foreigners, taken as hostages.

Both leaders “expressed the hope that during the next planned round of negotiations, Ukraine’s representatives will show a more constructive approach that fully takes into account emerging realities.”

In addition, the presidents of Russia and Turkey noted the importance of maintaining contacts between the diplomatic and military departments of the two countries.

“Vladimir Putin confirmed the readiness of the Russian side to provide all necessary assistance for the safe evacuation of Turkish citizens from the areas of hostilities,” the report said.

Putin and Endorgan have “emphasized mutual readiness to continue mutually beneficial Russo-Turkish trade and economic cooperation,” the Kremlin said.

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