Putin activates his nuclear deterrent forces, due to “aggressive declarations” by NATO

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putinordered to put the russian nuclear deterrent forces on “special service regime” after “aggressive statements” from the main NATO countries.

“The highest officials of the main countries of the NATO it’s allowed aggressive statements against our country, that is why I order the Defense Minister and the Chief of the General Staff to put the containment forces of the Russian Army in a special regime of service”, he said.

Russia’s strategic deterrence forces are made up of the nuclear forcesincluding intercontinental missiles, as well as non nuclear forcesand the defending anti-missilethe system early warning and the defending antiaircraft.

The Russian president gave these instructions in a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigú, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Valeri Gerasimov.

Putin stressed that the West is taking unfriendly steps towards Russia from the economic point of view.

“I am referring to the illegitimate sanctions well known to all,” he added, referring to the gale of Western sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin calls a “special military operation” of “demilitarization and denazification” of the neighboring country. .