Pumas will seek victory against Querétaro without 'Chino' Huerta

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He Capital Classic left havoc within the UNAM Pumassince added to their defeat against the staunch rival, the cats will have to face their next match against Gallos Blancos with two hard casualties in the starting eleven, after confirming the midfielder's injury, Jose Caicedoas well as the suspension of its best player, Cease 'Chinese' Vegetable garden.

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In the case of Colombian containmentit was confirmed tear in the rectum of the femurwhich caused his substitution on the Azteca Stadium field, a situation that sidelined the helmsman, Antonio Mohamed to improvise a line of five defenders with the entry of Arturo Ortíz.

For his part, the Mexican national team was awarded the yellow card in the second part of the Classic, so he already accumulates five preventive cards and will have to serve his sanction the following Wednesday against the Queretaro team. The scoring quota could be in charge of luxury replacements such as Juan Ignacio Dinenno or Christian Tabóelements that aim to start before the feathered ones.

Supply to Caicedo and Huerta It will not be an easy task for the Pumas, and They will seek to return to the path of victory without two of their best menHowever, in front of them they will have some Roosters those who will arrive at the University Olympic like the best visitor of the Apertura 2023 with three wins.


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