Pumas vs Chivas LIVE: Gabriel Fernández gives the locals an advantage

Pumas vs Chivas LIVE: Gabriel Fernández gives the locals an
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Minute 26: Guadalajara arrived from the right with a low center from Brizuela, which at one point was deflected by Nathan Silva, creating danger in his own goal by attacking the ball poorly, however, he cleared it without complications.

Minute 25: Corner kick in favor of Chivas from the right corner, which is well defended by Pumas, although for a few moments the ball was bouncing in the large area.

Minute 18: filtered pass from Fernando González looking for Ricardo Marín; The forward shot but it went to the side of Julio González's goal.

Minute 12: César Huerta's shot is deflected with his left hand by Jiménez from a corner kick.

Minute 10: Pumas goal! Gabriel Fernández puts the locals ahead after a rebound that was left in the large area.

Current score: Pumas 1-0 Chivas

Minute 8: Adrián Aldrete's cross from a free kick that was finished off by Nathan Silva, however, Miguel Jiménez was attentive and sent a corner kick.

Minute 4: César Huerta and Alan Mozo face each other again in the middle of the field, although a foul is called for a slap from the university player on the red-and-white player.

Minute 1: Gabriel Fernández steals from the right, places a delayed diagonal towards César Huerta, who tried to shoot but Alan Mozo was attentive in the play and with an impeccable sweep he avoids everything.

The game starts! The match between Pumas and Chivas on Matchday 17 gets underway.


Pumas: Julio González, Jesús Rivas, Nathan Silva, Lisandro Magallán. Adrián Aldrete, Ulises Rivas, Santiago Trigos, Eduardo Salvio, Gustavo Del Prete, César Huerta, Gabriel Fernández. DT. Antonio Mohamed

Chivas: Miguel Jiménez, Alan Mozo, Raúl Martínez, Antonio Briseño, Cristian Calderón, Fernando Beltrán, Fernando González, Víctor Guzmán, Isaac Brizuela, Ricardo Marín, Yael Padilla DT. Veljko Paunovic

The university students will receive Paunovic's Chivas at the Olympic University. Photo: Jovani Pérez

Cougars and Chivas They will face each other on matchday 17 of Apertura 2023 of the Liga Mx at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario, in a duel of great rivalry that will have implications regarding places in the Liguilla.

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