Pumas roars strongly at home and thrashes Querétaro

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The UNAM Pumas returned to the path of victory and with a round match by beating Gallos Blancos de Querétaro 4-0who had to play for more than 60 minutes with one less man after the expulsion of defender Omar Mendozain duel corresponding to the day 11 of the tournament Opening 2023 of the Liga MX.

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He The feathered team arrived at the Olympic University with the conviction of reaffirming their great moment away from home upon arriving at the match as the best visitor with three wins, however, luck would not be on his side this time and quickly before the first third of the game they found themselves down on the scoreboard.

The ball traveled from the left wing looking for a recipientand to his misfortune, the defender Emanuel Gularte, connected with it to divert it into his own frame and make it 1-0 south of the Mexican capital.

He goal allowed Pedregal to have greater control of the match and in the twilight of the first half they led to the victory.

The central referee, Luis Enrique Santander, helped by the VAR, ended up sanctioning an infraction inside the area on the part of the Queretaro defender, Omar Mendozasame as He left his team with 10 men, in addition to the penalty in favor of the locals. The university goalscorer, Juan Ignacio Dinenno was in charge of making the payment effective and with a powerful shot he lit up the stands.

For the second half, those led by Antonio Mohamed did not let go of the accelerator and reflected the player of more by scoring the third goal of the night.

With the seal of the house and thanks to the fixed tactic, The defender, Nathan Silva, jumped more than anyone else and simply touched the goal to continue the party in the Olympic building.in addition to making his debut in Mexican football.

The victory came to fruition with a new score by 'Comandante' Juan Ignacio Dinennowho took advantage of a precise center from the right field to finish with an accurate header and culminate a night of partying at the University Olympic.

With the triumph, those led by Antonio Mohamed climb to the fourth step of the table with 18 points; meanwhile, Mauro Gerk and his players were stuck in the middle of the table with scarcely 11 units.

Looking ahead to matchday 12, The UNAM Pumas team will once again return to the Azteca Stadium fieldalthough on this occasion faces will be seen against a Cruz Azul on the rise; for its part, Gallos Blancos will have their second consecutive visit when they travel to Nemesio Diez to face Toluca.


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