Pumas derails La Maquina with a rout at the Azteca

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Cruz Azul continues to be in debt at home and added one more game without achieving victory at the Azteca Stadium when they fell by a scandalous score 4-1 against the UNAM Pumas, who led by an unsustainable, César Huerta, took the three points to go to the break of FIFA Date within the first four steps of the league.

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As soon as the initial whistle blew, the game became stuck, and although it was La Noria's team who tried the most, the cats had the sensation of danger through their counterattacks and it was not until the 30th minute that the match finally exploded and The nets moved at the feet of the university scorer, César Huerta.

From the penalty spot, 'Chino' had the opportunity to put his team in front of him, and although in the first instance the light blue goalkeeper, Andrés Gudiño, blocked the shot, the referee, César Arturo Ramos, repeated the execution after Gudiño went ahead of his position. Already in the second shot, Huerta did not forgive and with a low shot he deceived his opponent to ignite the Auriazul fans present in the colossus.

The visiting goal did not dampen the spirit of the cement workers, and in the aggregate of the first period they achieved the long-awaited equalizer.

Through the set piece the light blue team found the key, and after a closed cross, the goalkeeper was left at the mercy of the light blue goal scorer, Ángel Sepúlveda, to simply push and achieve parity before the break.

Already in the second half, Cruz Azul sought with long possessions to create danger and take the lead, however, the Pedregal team showed their power on the attack and once again 'Chino' Huerta would demonstrate his quality with a great goal.

The Mexican started from three quarters of the field and after placing himself inside the area, he took a powerful right hand that slipped into the corner and made a great night for the team.

The rout led to the 75th minute, when the midfielder, Ulises Rivas, shot from long distance and, helped by a deflection, the ball ended up in the goal.

The exhibition culminated at the feet of the defender, Nathan Silva, who took advantage of a series of rebounds to score the ball and put the fourth in an unforgettable night for the Pumas fans.

With the defeat, those led by Joaquín Moreno were stuck in the fifteenth place with only eleven points earned; Meanwhile, Antonio Mohamed reaffirms the great moment of his team and they could end the day third in the table with twenty-one points.

Looking ahead to the cabalistic matchday 13, the Cruz Azul team will travel to the home of the current champion, Tigres de la UANL; For their part, the UNAM Pumas will experience a vibrant match when they host Rayados in Ciudad Universitaria.


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