Puebla won! TAS returns three points to La Franja after FMF error

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He Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAS, for its acronym in French) ruled in favor of the Puebla and returned the 3 points, which he had lost against the Tijuana Xolos for an alleged improper alignment on matchday 7 of the Apertura 2023 of the Liga MXbut maintains the economic sanction of around 100 thousand pesos against the 'camoteros'.

'The sanction imposed on Club Puebla FC is annulled consisting of the loss of the Matchday 7 match by a score of 0-1', reported the highest authority of professional sportsas revealed ESPN. Furthermore, the CAS added.

The sanction imposed on Club Puebla FC consisting of a fine of one thousand UMAS is maintained.

Puebla had lost the three points obtained on September 1 after the victory against Tijuana due to the improper alignment of the technical assistant Luis Miguel Noriega.

The Disciplinary Commission of the FMF declared last September.

Once the study of the evidence provided and collected has been carried out, it is concluded that: The technical assistant Luis Miguel Noriega Orozco participated in the match corresponding to Matchday 7, since he was present on the bench as part of the coaching staff without being registered in the alignment sheet.

Later, La Franja appealed the decision to the Mexican Soccer Federation, arguing that it could not register but the referees were notified, so the process had to be done manually.

Given the FMF's refusal, Puebla went to the Court of Sports Arbitration to appeal the sanction. The CAS held a hearing this week with managers and arbitrators.

After a few days of analyzing the case, the CAS ruled in favor of Puebla.

For its part, FMF published a statement stating that ''will always act respecting the determinations of the Authority'.

Now, La Franja has the possibility of qualifying directly for the league. The 'camoteros' went from occupying 12th position in the classification with 19 points to occupying seventh with 22 points.

Meanwhile, Xolos is the most affected since it fell from seventh to ninth place after subtracting the 3 points from matchday 7.

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