Puebla surprises Atlas at home and stops being basement

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A duel of great intensity and somersaults, Puebla ended up with the three points by defeating Atlas 3-2 in duel that opens the activities of the matchday 10 of the Apertura 2023 tournamentheld at the Jalisco Stadium.

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From the beginning The visitor surprised by turning to the attack and with a locker room goal they opened the scoringafter a corner kick that Diego de Buen connected and thus breaking zero just in the first minute of play.

Those of Ricardo Carbajal They did not lower the intensity and continued attackingto build a play that Brayan Ángulo went deeper in the left sector, the same thing that Carlos Baltazar defined from the first intention and thus put the second at minute 8'.

As the minutes pass The red and black team countered the Puebla attack and little by little they began to generate danger in the arch of Jesus Rodriguez and practically in compensation time they put together a play that Juan Zapata concluded after receiving and defining first intention to go to half-time 1-2.

In the complement, The central referee expelled Puebla's technical assistant, IsaĂĄc Moreno, for claiming a yellow card. The Academy wanted to take advantage of the locality and He came out with the intention of tying the game and it wasn't until the 60th minute that Jordy Caicedo did it after finishing off forcefully and making it 2-2.

He match went back and forth in both areasuntil The controversy was present and the VAR decreed a maximum penalty in favor of the visitors after a hand, the same as Guillermo MartĂ­nez defined and thus made it 2-3 and thus take the three points.

With this result, Puebla leaves the bottom of the general table and already has 8 points, waiting for Cruz Azul not to winwhile Atlas remains at 15 points and will have to face the Clåsico Tapatíowhile The people of Puebla receive Monterrey in Cuauhtémoc on matchday 11 of Apertura 2023.


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